Intuit QuickBooks

Point of Sale

Get the information you need quickly and easily

See what’s selling, what’s not, and what to reorder.

Check business performance and trends across sale, inventory, and customers. 

At a glance reports let you instantly see how your’re doing Track customer purchases

Know you best customers and keep them coming back with loyalty programs, gift cards, and personalized emails


The Customer Center gives you built in tools for effectively communicating with your customers


Save time with inventory management

Keeps inventory up-to-date

Automatically Suggest Purchase Orders based on stock levels or sales history

Track kits and assemblies and serial numbers


Minimize time spent on routine tasks

Update pricing, set discounts, print price tags and bar codes


End of day cash up and reconciliation

Send summary, detail, and credit card information directly into QuickBooks to facilitate bank deposits and credit card settlement.


Easy to start and use

Import customer, vendor, and inventory items directly from QuickBooks or Excel for an easy startup.