MISys Small Business Manufacturing

Basic Manufacturing provides all the functionality a manufacturing firm needs: inventory control, WIP tracking,multi-level bills of material, BOM revision control, and production work orders. MISys has been a leader in manufacturing software for over 25 years, with 7500+ customers.

MISys Small Business Manufacturing


A mature full manufacturing system from Work Order to MRP and Scheduling

DH Software Alliance is a project management firm, selling and supporting MISys Manufacturing Software.

Donald Harding, the owner of DH Software Alliance, has been working with manufacturing companies for over 35 years, and brings that depth of experience to implementing MISys.


While internet training and support is available, the best practice in project management is still hands on, face-to-face consulting. DH Software offers local (New England) project management services, on-site, along with phone and internet support.


MISys manufacturing supports small to medium sized firms that use standard bills of material, semi-custom (standard bills of material) jobs, or full job shop functionality for one-off jobs. This is accomplished through separate work-flows that are readily apparent in the menu structure.

Here are some of the standard features

• Inventory control for manufacturing

• Multi-level bills of material

• Revision control

• Integrated purchasing

• Custom manufacturing orders

• Master production scheduling (MPS)

• Bar coding

• Material requirements planning (MRP)

• Serial/Lot tracking