Fishbowl Inventory


The #1 Selling Inventory Control Program for QuickBooks.

If you enjoy using QuickBooks as your accounting solution, but need better inventory control, then Fishbowl Inventory is the answer for you. Fishbowl Inventory was one of the first programs to integrate with QuickBooks and currently holds Gold Developer Status, Intuit's highest award for third-party integrators.
•   Multiple Locations  
•   Order Management   
•   Work Order Integration 
•   Pick, Pack and Ship
•   Shopping Cart Integration
•   Bill of Material   
•   Reorder Point Calculation   
•   Bar Code Support   
•   Point of Sale
•   QuickBooks Integration  


Fishbowl Mobile® Warehouse

  • Scan in with the Receiving module and add tracking information such as serial, lot and expiration date.  
  • Scan out with the Picking Module.  You can start and finish a pick right from your handheld. 
    Combine multiple orders in a pick for more efficient picking.

  • Adjust or move inventory as needed.  Moved away from the mobile coverage area? Data is stored until aconnection is reestablished.
  • Supports Cycle Counts