BQE CORE Time and Billing

BQE CORE is a simple to maintain, flexible time tracking, project management and billing software suitable for any service business including accountants, CPAs, architects, engineers, computer consultants, contractors, business consultants, marketing consultants, and programmers.

BQE CORE has made time and expense tracking simple, intuitive, mobile, and the billing process a whole lot less painful. Managing  billable hours and reimbursable expenses is no longer a chore.   No software to install, entirely web-based.

It maintains Customer, Job and Employee data as well as tables containing activity and expense codes.


BQE CORE synchronizes with QuickBooks Online, and also offers its own substantive accounting functionality as an alternative.


It also offers a streamlined method for invoicing, tracking time and expenses, job phasing, billing against retainers, billing for sub-consultant fees and meeting the requirements from one-person offices to larger, network-based organizations.


Variable Billing

BQE CORE handles billing based on criteria such as hourly billing, hourly billing with a "not to exceed" clause, recurring bills and contractual billing based on a percentage and/or progressive payments of a fixed fee.


Fee Schedules within BQE Core allow variable billing rates to be assigned to any combination of employee, activity and job. All invoice and report templates are completely customizable. Invoices and Statements can be specified for individual projects, enabling you to meet the demands of any client.

Core gives you unlimited, customizable dashboards so you can see all the real-time information you need when you need it. Configure them exactly how you want them - pie charts, bar graphs, interactive lists, whatever is the easiest way for you to assimilate your data. You can change the shape, size, and color to meet your specifications.

You'll also get special dashboards for project management, billing, and accounting, so you'll instantly see how your business is doing across its multiple levels. View real-time changes and monitor which projects are cruising along successfully and which ones need your attention.